Tidebuy.com review: Is tidebuy.com safe and trusty?

I never thought that one day I would purchase things online because I always hold doubtful attitude towards shopping online, but the fact is, I did. Absolutely, it is an amazing experience! So, I change my mind now. Not all of online store are cheating. Tidebuy.com is a good wholesaler on line, not great but not bad!

The Credit of Tidebuy.com

When I searched this website in Google, I seldom found any scam information page there. So, that is a good beginning, right? Also, the rank of the site is in the top of China wholesaler according to Google search tool. From this part, my suspicion was allayed. Furthermore, Tidebuy.com was owned by Beijing located company, both the registered phone No. and contact address were consistent: +86-010-64476833, which was its official contact No. So, how about the product and customer service? Let’s do more research!

The product and customer service

The first impression of the home page gave me is simple and clear. You can quickly find the hot product and new arrival. For the people who like pursue the trend, that is really good. Also, the website is tidy and all the pictures are clear enough to identify.

From its catalog, a large number of products are provided. Maybe women will be more into this site because most products here are females’ favorite such as wedding apparel, special occasion dresses, fashion, beauty and so on. Its price is also competitive as most of the items were free shipping!

But the customer service is not that perfect. I ordered a wedding dress. I was greatly excited about the low fee. Really the same as the picture describe, however, it didn’t fit me properly. So I contacted them, but they refused to send me a return slip WHICH was NOT provided with the package. How could this be! It was really a mistake! I should read the return policy before I purchased products. But I have to say that their service attitude was really good. I’ve received many sorry about that. I know “sorry” does nothing for solving this issue, but their friendly attitude persuaded me. So, the only way is to lose my weight! For saving money, worth it!

Shipping methods and costs

There are only two main shipping methods to choose from. That seems a little few! But the cost sounds favorable!

1. Expedited Shipping

Usually take 2 – 5 days to all major destinations, the fastest shipping method worldwide so far. Shipping costs differ from item to item, but all expedited shipping order will get a 50% discount on shipping costs.

2. Standard Shipping

Usually take 4 – 8 days to all major destinations, and standard shipping costs less, but takes a bit longer than expedited shipping. Shipping costs differ from item to item, but for the free shipping items standard shipping order will get a 100% discount on shipping costs. However, for the non-free shipping items, you only enjoy a 65% discount for it.

My conclusion

All in all, Tidebuy.com is not a bad website, which can really save you much money, but one thing you have to take care is that reading the return policy carefully before your shopping. Of course, it would be better if you are luck to choose the right size!

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